These are the bands I'm currently involved with. It is not always easy to balance their schedule, but so far it works!

Universal Trilogy:

An electronica band with live drums,producing very exciting and danceable music. I have played with the band from the late 90's to 2003, when they disbanded. The band reformed in 2011, and I'm back on the drum seat for the new album and imminent tour. In all, I have recorded three albums with them and I think their brand of pop is going places.

Nick and the Backbone:

I have played with Nick in The Blues Wire for ten years, and nine years after his going solo, I accepted his invitation to play the blues again. Good time music, a scorching guitarist and a flexible schedule keep me playing with the Backbone all over Greece as well as abroad, in international blues fests.

De Facto:

A Greek rock band that is very tight and is armed with good songs. Their latest offer, which i played in is especially good-sounding and contains great material. These guys are also good company and they like to play loud, which is right up my street!

Eleni and Suzanne Vougioukli:

A duo of incredible voices and a very broad range of repertoire makes this gig challenging and rewarding at the same time. Arrangements call for a controlled touch and special sounds, not to mention the necessary familiarity with odd times. An album is scheduled to be recorded in June, with appearances already booked abroad.

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