Nov 2017

This month, i will not write about drumming, working and rehearsing for the very simple fact that there has been so much of it and so much travel and lack of sleep that it verges on the ridiculous…

Here is my offer instead:

Cartoonist Bill Watterson chose to end a hugely successful comic series with the words ’’It’s a magical world, …let’s go exploring!”, spoken by the very young key character.

This and other examples got me thinking that one of the most desirable and lovable attributes in a human being is playfulness. A never-ending, unstoppable desire to be curious, fun-loving, attuned to the humour and magic that surrounds us.

Why? It’s quite simple. Being playful leads to enjoyment, and enjoying something not only fills one with the satisfaction of squeezing the best part out of any experience (just like your favourite cold drink on a hot summer day), but more importantly is the best path to learning.

I,for one, firmly believe that enjoyment is the mother of knowledge.

Little children are innocent and playful at the same time. We are all born playful in order to learn better. As we grow up, much of this innocence is lost or subject to doubt, but it is vital that we keep our playfulness at any age,be it in our interaction with other people or in our professional and artistic endeavours.

This world(for the open-eyed, at least) is so full of wonderful things that it is a shame to put that in the back burner of our mind just because there are ugly, sad things as well. If anything, think a bit which should win if we are all to be benefited.

Seek the beautiful. It undoubtedly leads to knowledge. About ourselves, about others, about almost anything. Expose yourself to as much art, travel, love and good times as you possibly can.

Get involved in what makes you truly happy.

All higher forms of life in this planet are born playful in order to learn better. Sometimes us humans are brought to our knees because of the hard knocks that life deals to everybody, losing one of the best things we were born with. Maybe we turn bitter or think that we are above others as a result.

Whenever i see a spark in someone’s eyes that betrays a sense of humour i am drawn to them.

And knowing me, you can perfectly tell that i am not an advocate of a hippie-like mentality, where everything is ‘’far-out’’ or ‘’rad, man’’. A balancing sense that detects when something is wrong must be present at all times.

Please do not ignore the kid in you. It wants to play and learn and, through learning, go where it ultimately wants to go.

Now, if i could only apply all this i am writing about to the extent i would like in my life as well.. hahaha.

(Double entendre, or what?)

P.S. There follow two things i would like to share as well, irrelevant or not to the previous text. (You be the judge of that).

One is that olfactory stimuli are often stronger than visual or acoustic ones in turning our brains into trains of thought and memories. As a matter of fact, they can be downright overwhelming.

The other is that your soul mate is the stranger you recognise. Let the weight and etymology of the verb sink in for a moment.

Thanks to those who inspired me to write all this, they know who they are, i hope they see it.

And thanks to all of you who read this, putting up with my feeble attempt to express myself with yet another pseudo-philosophical mini treatise.

The road has eyes,


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