Apr 2011

Hello again,boys and girls!

Last three months were full of activity. The real news lies in the fact that, along with my friend Nikodemos Triaridis, we are soon going to present a drum replacement library, to work with existing software.

For the past three months or so,we painstakingly put together a collection of my sounds at varying dynamics and different tunings as well as video footage,and we'll soon be able to make it available in various packages,from a basic to a complete version.

It's been great fun (how cool is it to try miking the kit with just 4 distant mics and record the results in audio and video on the off-time of a project?) and I enjoyed it very much.

A conscious effort will be made to make the final product user-friendly,but still give choices to the knowledgeable users.

As for other news, the De Facto album, recorded last September, will soon be released.I'm particularly proud of that one as it has many great songs, and sounds real good throughout.

Nick and the Backbone keep me connected to the blues and to the great joys of travelling,and I had to say "no" to another pop gig out of sheer boredom with the stuff.

Last but not least Universal Trilogy, the electronica group I played for some 10 years back are reunited and we are rehearsing for upcoming shows.

I am understandably excited.

See you soon!

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