It is with great pleasure that I can announce that, as of May 5, "Loophole" is commercialy available (in both digital and hardware versions) from the site of the Sonic Ark.

This is a collection of loops that I've put together, and also contains a bonus snare replacement library. It has been a real pleasure to put down some of my favorite beats, made all the more easier by the engineering and mixing talents of Nikodemos T., co-founder of the Sonic Ark.

The loops are available in both stereo track and multitrack form, are easy to splice, contain stellar sounds and are definitely NOT the generic type of beats that go around in the loop market. I've tried to cover many styles and many tempos and what's more, they are mixed according to the style being played, so they ''sit'' well in your tunes.

I've used a vast array of drums and cymbals on them and had an absolute blast!

We have also included a big number of treated versions of the loops, that sound really out of the ordinary, as the ''morphed '' drum sounds contained in them are wacky enough to wear a straitjacket... not everyone's cup of tea, but truly interesting nonetheless.

The snare drum library contains samples of some of my favorite snares, miked with 4 microphones as separate instruments, so one can mix and match to their heart's content. Utility sounds are also available, if you'd like to just get a great-sounding snare at your fingertips, and all the samples can be used in the software of your choice.

There are bass drums,toms and more snares recorded,that will be available in the future so that the library is complete.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.

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