Aug 2012

Here I write again, boys and girls!

For the past two months I had a long period of relaxation and not too much work, save from the occasional summer festival gig and a whole lot of rehearsing. I truly needed it, since "Loophole" and its completion took up an enormous amount of time. Being a co-producer for it meant that all aspects of the packaging,marketing etc. went by my scrutiny and naturally i had to dive into relatively unknown waters.

Still, here I am again, ready to commence live gigs with a most promising female act, namely Eleni and Souzana Vougioukli. A big outdoors concert is about to take place in The Lazaristes convent in Thessaloniki, where the sisters will present their upcoming album, to be recorded in late September, hence the rehearsals. More dates will be posted, in both Greece and abroad, as soon as they are confirmed. The gig is minimal in its instrumentation, one has to really think about sound colors and it's probably the only gig i've ever done where i only use rods and brushes, so as not to overpower acoustic guitar and piano. I throw in a healthy dose of weird sounds, which is in keeping with my playful nature and maybe i'll bring samples to the table, too.

Think Diamanda Galas meeting traditional Greek folk and you could be close.

Come September i also start teaching again at the School of Rock and the rest of the bands i'm involved with will probably end up with a busier schedule. Oh well...

One last word; it's a shame what it's done to my country.And to add insult to injury, most of the harm is done by Greeks.

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