Jan 2013

Ok, it's time to jot down a few thoughts once more, dear friends.

As these lines are written, my prognosis of a full playing schedule with Nikos Portokaloglou and Filippos Pliatsikas was verified. So far i played more than 20 concerts with them, and spring looks just as busy. If this cooperation lasts into the summer, we should be expecting big outdoor theaters and a full running production behind.

It's no wonder that by now i think of myself as a drumming journeyman. Trying to keep frontmen satisfied and bringing your ideas to the table at the same time is an art in itself. That is the side of the business that goes overlooked at most drumming community sites, where the equipment matters, pointless arguments of sports-type mentality (is Mike better than Joey?) and overblown egos prevail.

The music business sometimes resembles a circus; you've got the lion tamers, the bearded lady, the clowns and the guy counting the money at the end of the day. Learn your way in there and don't mistake your position. It may sound cynical, but it is true.

It has taken me years to learn to speak my mind only when it truly matters and it wasn't easy.

I am truly enjoying my current gigs, and it is not by chance; see, it is nice to appreciate what we have, rather than gripe about what we have not.

Happy New Year!


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