Dec 2013

Ok guys and girls, yours truly is back on writing mode once again. It is now December and the Portokaloglou-Pliatsikas tour is over since September 27.

Since then i have taken some well-deserved rest and focused on two projects. The first is the amazing vocal duo of sisters Eleni and Souzana Vougioukli. The girls appeared in Carnegie Hall and our quartet (with bassist extraordinaire Christos Tsaprazis) has been rehearsing for a series of shows all over Greece, beginning in Athens on Dec 5.

Needless to say i'm excited about it..

The second is guitar wizard Foko Bouklis' group and imminent recording, scheduled for early January. Imagine hard rocking instrumental music-so laden with riffs that it's a rockers' paradise-with a twist. The other guilty party in this pro is my dear friend bassist Sotiris Zissis, who I've played with in my 18 years with the Blues Wire.

Now that the update is over,please allow me to wax philosophical once more.

As a session player, i have often wondered if you need to be giving your all 100% of the time. If you asked me right now, I would answer that while this holds true for all the non-musical bits of our business, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should give all you can think of in every moment. The guys in front, depending on their insecurity factor, may need everything from a living drum machine that they themselves program to an outspoken, effervescent member that spews ideas at the drop of a hat and draws attention at live shows.

Unless you have a cast iron stomach,you can't do both equally well.

So choose wisely and don't sell yourselves too short.

Happy holidays!!!


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