Sept 2009

A great many times I have wondered whether I will grow tired of the road one day. Well, that day is not near, judging by the way I feel.

For the road is a wonderful beast that encompasses nearly every emotion and every quality that is present in people themselves.

There is much to be said about boring trips to nearby small cities, especially on a low-budget gig at fall, when seemingly everything conspires to tell you that you definitely don't want to go through these notions yet ANOTHER time, but there is heaps more to be said about a great big summer tour when (nearly) everything is taken care of and you indulge in all kinds of pleasure that such a set offers.

These two contrasting scenarios, however, contain a very important similarity and that is the feeling you get on the way back home at night.

I always find myself wishing there was more. As much as i love the relaxation of my home, I find myself jumping at the chance when some travelling is about to take place.

Granted, in the country I work I rarely find myself away from home for more than a fortnight, so there's always the chance to see my loved ones. Still, I love observing new places and faces, tasting regional food and checking out whatever seems interesting.

I've seen things a normal visitor doesn't have the chance to see, because the hosts of musicians often go the extra mile to please them. Day trips in unknown places of rare beauty are not uncommon, although you have to endure the (fun at the first five minutes, torture for the next two hours) bumpy ride in the back of a pickup truck that takes you to a peak no common visitor even attempts to go.

This particular summer has been an exception, as gigs were not more than 30 for me (rain unheard of for the Greek summer plagued some of them) and I haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary, with the exception of the fantastic trip to Norway and the people I met and heard playing there.

As autumn settles in, though, I wish there was more.

Cheers to every single one of you who was there, we make our own good times.

See you on the clubs and closed venues with anyone I might be playing with, until it's time that we (like Spinal Tap) stink up the great outdoors once more!

Special thanks go to my buddy HD, aka Madame Woo who took such good care of me.

Bye till next month


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