May 2010

Well, the past two months have been busy and filled with travelling. Little clubs and bigger venues alike have been my home and, once again I've stood on the train platform many more times than I'd care for.

Grunting aside, the good news is that I'll be recording with two bands I'm playing with during this summer,and that alone will let much creative steam out. Two albums that I've played on are also out this month, both by new singers-songwriters. However, the single most thought-provoking contrast just settled in;

I was in New York, having a good time (sightseeing, shopping, walking around and exercising my observational powers) for four days, culminating with a concert at the Town Hall theater, playing Greek popular music from five decades back. Then I played in a Jazz and Blues festival in Kosovska Mitrovica, the divided town in Kosovo.Talk about black and white!

The poverty in this region is unbelievable, the violence is boiling underneath the surface (if you wonder what that means, ask yourself when was the last time you saw guns worn by people not in any kind of uniform) and you can feel disappointment in everyone you meet.

Count your blessings, everyone, is all I can say. The moment comes when you realise that you have to try your hardest because you are lucky to simply be alive and able to play.

Oh and never, ever, EVER leave your stuff in the car, no matter how tired or drunk or bored you are. (I'm ok, but a friend had his van stolen with his stuff inside)

Take care and laugh all you can


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