Sep 2010

Well, looks like another summer season is drawing to a close with mixed emotions, as usual. The harsh economic reality has affected both the quantity and the money involved in gigs. With one exception, all the "name" artists had to bring their monetary requirements WAY down in order to book gigs .Those who didn't, were left with just a few concerts.

In any case, yours truly was busy working with three acts and that proved to be the recipe for survival.

I must object, however to a trend that i see around, and that is the delay of payment on behalf of the offices involved. Quite often, a stuck-up 25-year old female (the preferred type of in-between ) regrettably informs you that your money is coming in a month and a half. The apparent shortage redirects your fee to finance the other obligations an agency has.

Nearly every musician i spoke with had this happen to him or her. Watch out for this, it must not become a rule. I didn't accept it, neither should anyone.

Guild talk aside, I had a good time in many cases, due no doubt to a disposition towards the funny side of events. I 've seen people that i hadn't met in 20-odd years, and played in every imaginable place (again).

Looking forward to a creative winter first, a busy schedule second, and the time of year where i don't have to wipe salty water off my gear, i wish you all the best and as always, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Alternatively, throw it back and add some lemons of your own.


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