Nov 2010

This month finds me in another pop gig, where many songs are backed by sequencer parts and others are segued into one another in sucession. It's showbiz, alright.

However, what prompted my fingers before the keyboard is the realization that the latin adage "panem et circenses" is as strong as ever in everyday life. The only time when i know (from magazine and trash press poularity) that the common people were so interested in the lives of second and third rate media personas and so immersed in sports is the early to mid sixties!

Coincidentally(?) the uneployment was high, the young left for abroad in search of work and the politicians had the same surnames.

I wax political for a moment, but i am sick at the prospect of people i know running for some kind of office, when it's common knowledge that they can't tell left from right.

Stop smiling, the same ones will be judging what is art so they can sponsor it, with our money, no less.

To turn into drums again, be advised that snare tension projects differently through a p.a. than what we might think. Go easy, it will help your snare sound.

Check out Harry Elektron's new cd "The Black Tower" where yours truly is featured along with Nolan Cook (of the Resident's fame).

Soon I'll be going into the studio to venture into the sampleworld, only this time it's me who gets sampled!

Stay tuned


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