Dec 2010

The end of a turbulent year is near(no news there,all recent years are turbulent) and yours truly is jotting down a few thoughts once more.

Overall i see things that tell me music is still alive and well,but i wish there were more.More kids playing,more bands around,more bands with something to say musically,ultimately more artists worthy of the name of artist in our everyday world.

I am absolutely certain that thousands of artists in every art form are worthy of greater prominence in every corner of the globe.Do i know about them?

The answer is a resounding no,because even with the aid of the Internet mass appeal,mediocrity and plain bulk of info is pushing its way into our screens first.The diamonds are there,but you have to dig deep,sometimes so deep it takes days to find a speck of unknown true greatness.Do you have the time?

Do you have your senses sharp enough?The tv is doing all it can to raise children who think a pretty face is a good singer,rock'n'roll depends on the amount of carefully hung jewelry on a dumbo who wouldn't know Little Richard or the Clash if they hit him on the face.

I think you get my point.

Please be yourselves and create what YOU think is good,not what will sell itself for more money.When you create or try to,that is.

It is way more fun to go your way.

Sometimes i feel strange when i see 17-year olds who try to play a Black Sabbath cover.Half of me wants to congratulate them for not wanting to mime some idiot,the other half wants to say that( as great as Sabbath are) they have to try for something new.

Go ahead,every gem starts in obscure places and maybe someday wins over millions,affecting their lives for the better.

We all owe to each other to behave more like humans who think than robots who duplicate art,behavior,work and ultimately life patterns.

Now that I've gotten these off my chest,it is time for me to wish everybody Merry Christmas,a Happy New Year ,less fighting and more love .Genuine love,not just long hair,beads and the peace sign drawn in my forehead.


Till next year


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