Jan 2011

Let's talk about vehicles for a while,in a metaphorical sense, of course.

I once read Jason Bonham's statement that his dad may well have been one of the greatest rock drummers who ever lived,but he had a vehicle named Led Zeppelin to express his enormous talent. That's food for thought,right there.

It is not uncommon for musicians to truly unlock their potential in the right environment and remain unnoticed,even mediocre in the wrong one.Put behind a great singer, a great songwriter or amidst a great band,our creativity is on the verge of explosion. Playing behind something mundane, forces you to become mundane as well.You may well be a great player,but unless you can play great music, something is missing.

The so called chemistry between band members must signify a whole lot; so many parameters enter the equation that it is purely impossible to create chemistry on demand. It either exists from the start or it doesn't. Strangely enough it can deteriorate, but it can never go the other way..

Trust your gut on that one,is all i can say.

The cold,hard truth also says that playing already established and loved songs behind an already established artist does not make you great.That credit goes to those who created the magic in the first place.I've been on both sides of the fence on that one,so i can speak from experience.Not for a minute has it crossed my mind that i am creating something worthwhile when in essence i am only trying to recreate a moment that clicked between others.All i do is just enjoy it.

We, as musicians can also breathe our talents and lift something from average to really good. A good driver is always welcome,but real distinction comes when you combine him/her with a good car.All other combinations range from bad to average.

Trying to be good trains you to know a good musical vehicle when you get into one. I wish it for us all.

(And there's nothing wrong in just taking your old car for a simple ride. Devil's advocate, or what?)

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