Aug 2017

Hello boys and girls!

Here i am again, writing this in a hotel room somewhere, again in the middle of a summer tour. I am about to dish out a few pointers, which funnily enough do not pertain to musicians alone. What you're about to read is nothing more than my opinion. I do not profess to be wise, (quite the contrary, in fact) nor do i impart any hidden secrets.

As I have written in a previous time, we live in a circus. We have all kinds of weirdness, pretense, human drama and hilarious situations all around us, not to mention what is going on inside our own heads and hearts.

So observe. Then observe some more. Slowly but surely you will begin to find stuff that is interesting, amusing, thought-provoking and sometimes inspiring, acting as a nudge for us to take the extra step needed.

Enjoy whenever you get the chance. Do not be afraid to live to the fullest, just do not confuse enjoyment with damage to yourself in the long run.

Be alone when you need to.

Feed your personal beast and do not stop doing new things. The moment a worthy project is over, a new one awaits at the door (that is why we all feel strange when we accomplish something). Open it.

Be kind to people working to make you look, sound and live better. You are not above or below anybody, it's really strange how often we forget that.

Try the local food and dishes, odds are you are in for a nice surprise.


And,on a final note,do not take drummers typing from hotel rooms too seriously.

p.s. I solemnly declare that my enemies in the summer gigs are the following:

1) Smoke machines and overzealous lighting guys operating them, especially in big concerts.

2) Insects of all kinds, save the occasional benevolent butterfly.

3) Resin and goo falling on my cymbals and drums from nearby trees.

4) Salty water on my gear.

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